Wine is good for your health and other Easter news

Most of us are probably thinking about the perfect wine for our Easter meal, plenty of other things have happened in the World of Wine in this past week. Here is the JollyCellarMaster Weekly:

20/20 Vision, Wine Production and a Happy Birthday


Wine helps against

It’s been difficult time, this past year, and I don’t know about you but I could do with some good news. Thankfully, a recent study provides us with just that thanks to the news that wine consumption may prevent cataracts where vision may become blurry and cloud the eye’s normally clear lens. Obviously, like the acclaimed benefits of wine for the health of your heart, the study refers to drinking in moderation. Again, the source of such benefits could be found in antioxidants which are abundant in red wine and the study suggests that it may play a role in cataract prevention. That’s good news, isn’t it?

More wine, less sales

The German Federal Statistical Office announced this week that Winegrowers in Germany produced 8.41 million hectolitres of wine, including must, in 2020, which is an increase by 2.3% though compared to the six-year average it’s down by 4.8%.

Still, that’s not necessarily great news especially in light of other news from Italy:  because of the continuing lockdown measures the amount of wine that has not been sold in restaurants, bar and alike since the beginning of the pandemic has risen to about 220 million bottles.

The Australian Wine Dispute continues

Elsewhere, the dispute between China and Australia that has hit the latter’s exports to the former hard, continues as David Littleproud, Australia‘s minister for agriculture stated that his country will vigorously defend its wine industry as it faces higher tariffs from China of up to 218%. On the other side, according to Chinese customs data, over 11,000 litres of Australian wine has been detained in Shenzhen due to the trading dispute between the two countries, so it isn’t clear who’s the winner here if anyone.

Anyway, I’m getting ready for the festivities and keep pondering my Easter wine pairings, I tip my hat to Tenuta San Guido who is celebrating fifty years of Sassicaia with the release of its’s 50th vintage from 2018. Whether you’re buying into, it’s been a courageous move back then and has transformed the Tuscan and Italian wine landscape. So, happy birthday!

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