Virtual Wine Tastings and the near Future of the Wine Industry

This week, we’re moving the goal post, but still talk about the cost of frost, the future of the wine industry and the virtual wine tastings. Here is the JollyCellarMaster Weekly.

Special Days of the Week and Wine in the Times of Covid

So, we are moving the goal posts and change the day of the weekly update as Sunday might be a good day to read about wine, but not such a great one to put a regular roundup together since there are other fun things to do, especially if you are surrounded by beautiful mountains that beg to be explored. Sure you understand.

The Future of Virtual Wine Events

The outbreak of the Covid crisis last year sparked an interest in virtual wine events. A year on, we have seen a lot of different kinds of events, improvements from what was mostly a rather low average, and were overwhelmed by the sheer number of tastings, webinars and other events we were due to attend. To keep track, Amber LeBeau’s response to the outbreak and lockdown was to set up a platform to showcase virtual wine events. To get an idea how to find interesting tastings, what makes a great one, and what the future holds for the wine industry and its virtual events, I spoke to Amber and you can listen to our conversation in the Podcast section.

And the Future of the Wine Industry

Talking about the future of the wine industry, the people at Wine Search published some news about global wine consumption hitting a new low. That is particularly bad news since production keeps going up as recent numbers have shown. The reasons for this are manifold with closed bars and restaurants, holiday restrictions and fewer events taking place due to the Covid crisis contributing to it, which leaves some hope that things will eventually recover, but the underlying trend has been showing a decline in wine consumption for years, so we the future isn’t necessary bright once this situation is over. By the way, a study by Coldiretti, an Italian industry body, the reopening of restaurants, bars, and agri-tourism is worth €2.5bn to the Italian wine industry, so since we have seen pubs reopening in the UK recently and similar easing here in Italy, too, I consider it my duty to support a local wine bar tonight. It’s been a while…

More Licking the Wounds

We keep hearing about the devastating effects to farmers and their crop due to the big frost we have experienced in Europe recently. France, which has put the amount it could cost the French wine industry at €2bn, and Croatia appeared to be hit the hardest, while Italy seemed to have dodged the bullet, but more recent reports last week now indicate that we weren’t so lucky after all. In Tuscanny, with Sangiovese already budding, the shoots were exposed to the severe cold and damage can account for a loss of up to 90%, while other vineyards were high enough to be affected and it will take time to know the extent of the damage.

To finish things at a more positive note, at the Concours International de Lyon, this year’s best wine of the entire competition comes from Germany: a red cuvee from Weingut Kress called Fetter Schnitt. The winemaker had one the competion before, but still a bit of a surprise if had asked most people about the best wine of a given year, but that on the other hand is hardly surprise, isn’t it? Anyway, I’d love to head what your favourite wine of 2020 was that should have won this (or any) competition and why. Join the conversation on Twitter and make sure you sign up to our newsletter if you want to stay in the loop about what’s happening at the JollyCellarMaster and the world of wine. Cheers!

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